Artistic talent runs in my family – painting, drawing, sculpting – especially  with my grandfather who seemed to be good at everything. His commitment and passion were legendary.

Then there was me. I was pretty sure that gene had skipped me – until, that is, I picked up an old Pentax SLR in high school. I loved it. As I studied photography more, I came to understand why my family members, particularly my grandfather, were so passionate about their craft. I finally understood that dedication.

For the next decade, I kept returning to the camera in the “in-between” moments of life: viewing the packed boxes for college, unpacking my first apartment,  enjoying the quiet before my wedding, taking in the early hours after my son’s birth, surveying our cross-country road trip where trees, mountains, and stillness stretched out endlessly, or capturing my daughter’s gummy grin as she perilously climbs another piece of furniture in triumph.

Slowly and quietly over the years, while everything else in my life has changed, my love for photography has only grown stronger. It’s become a vehicle of art and a means of expression. I love capturing those “moments” that create a mosaic of our lives. And it’s because of that love, that I find myself photographing families, babies, moms-to-be, and couples. I love it.

I hope that you like what you see, and hopefully, my passion and commitment to my work is conveyed to you like my grandfather’s was to me.

Enjoy ~ Briana